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For mind, body and health.

Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler. almost a century ago he invented a set of learning and training tools for children, observing and documenting: children learn and develop best by doing, experiencing and overcoming obstacles independently, needing parents' trust, patience and respect.

            One such tool is the Pikler-Enchanted Mountain Triangle, with which children will train their coarse coordination and motor skills, strengthen their muscles, improve their balance and flexibility, and develop their patience and concentration, letting their children's imagination run wild.


Suitable from six months when the baby's strength increases by experiencing stepping and trying to pull himself up to catch the next step. As confidence grows, children can begin to climb and eventually reach the top.

            It encourages children to climb and discover through their own experience, the development of gross motor skills, strength and self-confidence.

                With the simple addition of a blanket, it can be turned into a tent, a house, used as a secret place, or a reading space. 

             Each triangle is handmade with care and love of wood, and is finished with varnish and water-based protective paints. 

            All segments of the triangle can be connected to each other, so you can have not only a triangle of different inclinations, but also a cube, rectangle, rhombus, a vertical trellis or any other shape. Turn on your imagination and play with your children!


Dimensions: L - the side of the triangle is 80 cm wide and 60 cm wide. depth varying depending on the assembly angle              

                       M - the side of the triangle is 60 cm wide and 50 cm wide. depth varying depending on the assembly angle

Thickness and width of  the side rail:            1.8 cm / 10cm  

Diameter of the climbing bar:                           2.8 cm

Weight  : 6.6 Kg

Load capacity:                               60 kg 

Suggested age:                                            Over 6 months

Material  : Birch laminated wood

Surface                                      finish : Water-based varnishes and paints

Warranty: 2 years   (product life: created to be a bridge in time for generations)

Production time:                                        3-4 days + delivery time 1-2 days (depending on location)

Packaging dimensions                                       810 x 210 x 85 cm not assembled

                                                                      800 x 600 x 400 cm assembled

Made in Romania from materials from the European Community

Safety information: 

      THE PIKLER MODIFIED TRIANGLE should always be placed on a soft but sturdy playing surface, never concrete or hard ground.

      Never leave your children unattended !!!

     We advise you to let the children explore freely, but always be at a safe distance to help them, if necessary.

      Suitable for indoor use, kept dry and protected from moisture.

    Due to its large size, the triangle is delivered unassembled. Assembly is simple; the package contains everything you need.