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For mind, body and health.

High-quality tent that will give your child a new and comfortable play area to have fun with friends, or the perfect place for reading hours

            Children love to create new games and adventures, and our tent will help them unleash their imagination and increase their creative skills.

            This tent is a perfect environment for your little one to create his own fantasy world.

        It is suitable starting with the moment when the little one is looking for various places to hide (9 months - 1 year), used intensely at the age of 2-5 years but can be used even up to 7 years

Dimensions:                     Open: W xlxh 120 cm x100cm x 110cm

                                       Folded: W xlxh 120 cm x10 cm x 120cm


Suggested age: over     16 months

Material  : Structure: 100% birch laminate wood Cover: cotton or organic 

Surface       finish: Water-based varnishes and paints

Warranty:                         2 years (product life: created to be a bridge in time for generations)

Production time:          3-4 days + delivery time 1-2 days (depending on location)

Safety information: 

        THE EXPLORER'S TENT should always be placed on a soft but robust playing surface.

         We advise you to let them explore freely, but always be at a safe distance to help them, if necessary.

         Suitable for indoor or outdoor use with the specification that the equipment must be kept dry and protected from moisture.

          Assembly is simple; the package contains everything you need.